Rick’s Book Brigade Fall 2020 Winner

Congratulations to the November 2020 Rick’s Book Brigade Classroom!

Alysha Yeamans 5th Grade Class of Discovery Elementary in Mukilteo School District.

Each Student will receive a brand new book to keep. The Classroom will get a selection of books to use in future years.

You can nominate a classroom for our next drawing.  

We want to promote reading for the Elementary Students of Snohomish County.

Please nominate a classroom who would benefit from some reading material.

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“Hello I am Rick Merrill this is Reece, and Logan. We are the three attorneys here in the office. You can get a hold of us at rickmerrillattorney.com Twice a year, in April and November, we take nominations for a classroom in Snohomish County. And we randomly draw a name. We buy brand new books for all the kids in the classroom. They get a new book to take home. Plus we donate some books to the classroom for kids in future years. So that’s what we are going to do today. I am Reece Merrill and I am excited to spin the wheel and see who the winner is.

Congratulations to Alysha Yeamans!

I think it is Yaymans…

— Video Caption

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2020 Educators of the Month Winners

2020 Educator of the Month Winners

Rick Merrill presents the 2020 Educator of the Month award to outstanding educators in Snohomish County.  The recipient receives a plaque and $500 to help defray miscellaneous expenses for the classroom.

The Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill has been a part of the Snohomish County community since 1994.  It is important to Rick to support our neighbors, local businesses and schools.  Rick partnered up with local radio station KXA 1520 am to sponsor a local educator each month.  Rick Merrill is recognizing our educators for their hard work and sacrifices. Who demonstrate their care and commitment to each generation of children.  

Winners are presented a plaque donated by Awards Service, Inc., a great big check to display, and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

2020 January Educator of the Month Mike Schireman of Monte Cristo Elementary in the Granite Falls School District.

Mr. Schireman teaches a multi age class for grades 4-6. This amazing program offers so much more than the regular classroom curriculum.

A dedicated teacher who offers many opportunities for students to learn about nature, literature,and much more.

Our multi age saying is that we are all a family and Mr. Schireman and Mrs. Howell have made our classes just that, a family who learns and explores together.

Truly a very remarkable experience for all of the kids and our local community and couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.

2020 February Educator of the Month Suzanne Chickering of Hidden River Middle School in the Monroe School District.

With a love for band and the motivation to keep students involved, this teacher has gone above and beyond standards. Mrs. Chickering has been a teacher at Hidden River Middle School for quite a while, she has always had the motivation to encourage kids to find their dream instrument, stay involved in band and learn instruments that aren’t common.

Overall, this teacher works day in and day out with students to assure that they have an instrument to take home that is reasonable for the families, and can enjoy such a wonderful art.

Nominated by Aurora.

Congratulations to our 2020 March Educator of the Month Kandi Shouman of Stevens Creek Elementary School in the Lake Stevens School District.

Ms. Shouman is a wonderful teacher. Last year I had a really hard time with my son’s education. I feel that my son has grown a lot in her classroom.

She has been encouraging him to learn and be more prepared for the future. I applaud all of the hard working educators at Stevens Creek they are the best .

Nominated by Suaad.

Congratulations to our 2020 October Educator of the Month Amber McPartland of Lowell Elementary School in the Everett School District.

 I think that Ms. McPartland should be educator of the month because she is my son’s Kindergarten teacher. And with COVID19. She is teaching all her students online only. And she somehow keeps a huge smile on her face everyday, has so much patience and always has a positive attitude even when the kids get out of hand. She is so sweet, friendly and positive. Anytime I have a question. She always answers my calls and treats us very kindly. I love her. And do all her students

Nominated by  Elizabeth R.

Congratulations to our 2020 November Educator of the Month Sylvia Arteaga Marshall Elementary School of the Marysville School District.

Sylvia loves each and every one of her students. She strives to make a connection with students and their families. She works hard to make the learning accessible to all the different types of learners in the classroom. Sylvia differentiates the instruction given to help her learners feel successful and confident. She pushes her learners to think deeply and make connections to the learning.

She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is able to communicate to Spanish speaking learners in their own language as well as keep those families informed about their student’s progress in school. Sylvia is also able to help other teachers in the school communicate with the Spanish speaking families in their classes.

She takes on a leadership role within her grade level and this year has taken on a student teacher. Sylvia also volunteers at many of the after-school PTSA sponsored events. She cares about her coworkers and is an encouragement to them.

Nominated by  Karen P.

Congratulations to our 2020 December Educator of the Month Susan Seling of Sunnycrest Elementary School in the Lake Stevens School District.

Mrs. Seling is an amazing teacher. Her classroom is inviting for all her students, she works hard to make sure each student gets the attention they deserve.

Mrs. Seling also opened her door to myself as a Student teacher from the Careers in Education class from Lake Stevens High school. By doing this, it allowed for my to get an understanding of all the work that goes into being a teacher, and the passion and dedication it takes to mold young minds. I learned how to work with the students and still use many of these techniques in my everyday life.

The experience that I learned from being in her classroom and watching her interact with the students is unforgettable and the passion that Mrs. Seling has for her students is beyond words.

She also spends many hours before and after school working with children and encouraging many amazing students.

Nominated by  Aurora M.

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Rick’s Book Brigade

Rick’s Book Brigade  

Rick Merrill wanted to promote reading for the Elementary Students of Snohomish County.

Twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall, we selected an Elementary classroom to donate books. There were books for each child to take home and a selection to remain in the classroom for continued use.

These are the Winners of Rick’s Book Brigade

Spring 2021 Winner

Fall 2020 Winner

Spring 2020 Winner

The Merrill Law Library is the continuing saga of the Book Brigade.

When Rick decided to retire, the decision was made to update the name and the frequency of the donation of books to classrooms in Snohomish County. Be sure to follow along with the future winners.

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Educator of the Month

Educator of the Month the Beginning

Rick Merrill recognized our educators for their hard work and sacrifices. 

Rick Merrill presented an Educator of the Month award to 68 outstanding educators in Snohomish County. The recipient received a plaque and $500 to help defray miscellaneous expenses for the classroom.

We are surrounded by incredible educators who demonstrate their care and commitment to  each generation of children. They spend countless hours, going above and beyond to help each and every student achieve greatness.  

We know how difficult it is to be an educator.  Most educators spend their own hard earned money to create positive learning environments for our local students. 

How Educator of the Month got started.

“There was a time in my life when I was not doing real well in school, in a lot of things and there was this teacher who did not give up on me. His name was Monte Culver.  I know he helped many, many children.”

Educator of the Month the End

The Educator of the Month that began in the Fall of 2014 will have the final selected winner for  December 2021.  

We are thankful for all the nominations that were submitted.

All nominations were submitted by individuals who had been helped by an educator that went above and beyond. It was very special to us to see how each of these educators had changed the lives of those in their classrooms.

We are thankful for the winners.

To each of our winners, It was a joy to meet you and celebrate the good that you have been doing in our community. We are very thankful to have gotten to know more about each of you.  

2014 Educators

2015 Educators

2016 Educators

2017 Educators

2018 Educators

2019 Educators

2020 Educators

2021 Educators

The Book Brigade will continue into the future with Merrill Law.

The Book Brigade has been renamed to the Merrill Law Library.

Classrooms will be selected during the school year to receive brand new books. Each student will receive a book and the classroom will get a set of books to keep and use into the future.